Grand Spring

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Introducing our "Grand Spring" – a mesmerizing floral arrangement that plays a delicate harmony between the romantic allure of mixed roses, the fiery dance of red ginger, the elegant notes of lilies, the celestial presence of white cymbidium orchids, and the vintage charm of antique hydrangea. Encased in a sleek black box, this ensemble creates a captivating nocturnal garden.

The "Grand Spring" unfolds like a poetic masterpiece, where each bloom takes center stage, contributing to a visual symphony that is both sophisticated and enchanting. The black box serves as a dramatic backdrop, enhancing the richness of colors and elevating the overall allure.

Transform your space with the nocturnal magic of "Grand Spring," a floral composition designed to evoke an atmosphere of refined elegance. Whether adorning a chic event or making a luxurious statement as a gift, this arrangement is a celebration of the beauty that unfolds in the quiet elegance of the night.